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Many mortgage brokers and banks claim to offer the lowest mortgages rates but does that mean it is going to be the best mortgage for you?

Many mortgage brokers and financial institutions have traditionally claimed to offer the lowest mortgage rates. What they sometimes forget to mention are the penalties that can be associated with getting the lowest mortgage rates. You could be locking in to what is called a “No Frills mortgage”. This is a type of mortgage which may have very little flexibility. The mortgage could consist of higher penalties for breaking the mortgage, low or no prepayment privileges and it could even have a clause that you must sell your home to get out of the mortgage.

I am proud to be a part of Canada’s largest mortgage broker network, Dominion Lending Centres. I work with the most reputable lenders in the industry. It is my top priority to find the lowest mortgage rates I can but to also make sure that I’m putting you in a mortgage that fits your needs. As part of Dominion Lending Centres, our brokerage has thrived. We are constantly being offered amazing promotions which allows me to get my clients those competitive rates they are looking for. I do not want to advertise the lowest mortgages rates because that may not always be the case. There could always be someone out there that could beat my rates. What you can be sure of is I will fight to get you the lowest mortgages rates I can.

The advantage of working with a mortgage broker or mortgage agent as opposed to dealing with the bank is that we deal with multiple lenders. This enables me to find lenders who can finance all types of business such as 1stand 2ndMortgages, private mortgages, refinancing, home equity loans, rental and investment properties, secondary homes and construction loans. I also have access to a great network of mortgage brokers and lenders to handle your commercial mortgage needs. As a mortgage professional, I can help you whether you are a first time home buyer, self-employed, or even new to Canada.

I am a part of a large group of mortgage brokers and mortgage agents and I service areas all over Canada. As a resident of Hamilton I have established a great network of like-minded business men and women. Realtors, Home Inspectors, Appraisers and Lawyers are just some of the professionals I deal with that are an integral part of the mortgage process. If you ever need any of these services, please do not hesitate to contact me.

So if you’re scouring the internet trying to find the lowest mortgage rates maybe try giving me a call to see if my quote beats the competition.


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